Ms Callie Dominated By High Heels and Stockings Alone

When I walk into a room, I instantly have a radar for the men who are not just submissive, controllable, weak, and easily felled… but who are also absolutely debilitated by my presence and by the sight of my Goddess body.  Men who stutter, stumble, sweat at the sight of me: Men who are not men at all.  Yes, I can spot you in a crowd, single you out, and zero in.  Did you think you could hide your ‘proclivities’ from a woman like me?  Not with those roving eyeballs, bitchboy.  I see them travel up and down, up and down my legs, mentally sucking, stroking, squeezing, licking and lapping at my calves.  Your gaze trapped in my stilettos.  I see that you would give anything to be on your knees before me, but, oh subbie, be careful what you wish for.

High Heel and Leg Cocktease

It makes me feel like the gorgeous Goddess I am when you get so worked up at the sight of my long, slender legs in sheer black thigh-highs, and my lovely feet in these killer 6″ stiletto heels.  Don’t drool, toe-sucker, it’s unbecoming.  I can tell you’re already starting bulge at the thought of worshiping my beautiful feet and legs.  Does the sight of my heel dangling from my foot have that much of an affect on you?  How about when I drop something and bend over right in front of you, so that my stockinged legs are on full display, my short black dress stopping just below my ass… that makes your dick perk right up, doesn’t it?  Of course, I have no use for your cock, except as a little joystick for me to jerk around and manipulate.  My pleasure and my power over you are the only things that matter.

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