Female domination and the various flavors..

Often times when you hear of Female Domination, the classic image of a leather and latex clad women wielding a whip comes to mind. I am here to tell you that the world of female dominance is a much broader arena than just that image.

A sensual smiling cock tease to dominate and control..

Female domination can range from very mildly sensual, with cock teasing, orgasm control, tease and denial – even just building on a man’s lust of stockings, sexy lingerie, or the confidence a woman has. Knowing what power a dominant woman possesses and how eager a man can be to follow her, she can push his sexual limits and build his experiences.

Kinks and fetishes are the spice of sexual life…

It doesn’t take a long stroll around the xxx part of the Internet to know that there is so much more to sex than missionary man-on-top sex. Good thing, I say!! Having a horny boy at my fingertips and serving him something totally unexpected is a real rush for me. Even just having him taste his cum, or feel the intense pleasure of a strapon induced orgasm – those are parts of female domination I love.

A stern hand is sometimes necessary when dealing with a horny man..

Here enters whatever chosen way that a Mistress decides to discipline or correct her submissive’s behavior. Perhaps he is filled with so many confusing thoughts in his hunger for submission, that he must have a discipline spanking to wipe thought process clean, so his redirection can be more pleasing to his Mistress. That Mistress may decide to have him perform some domestic servitude, or may disallow him from even touching his cock without her permission.

The women in Female Domination each craft their own flavor..

Each Femdom, Mistress, or Domme is individual and makes her own set of rules and expectations. How fortunate you are to have a wide selection of Mistresses to choose from in search of a kink filled phonesex call, or if you are craving, a deeper bond of longer submission to the world of female domination.

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