Hello, gents. You know exactly who this is, but just in case your memory needs to be refreshed, it is your favorite mature Mistress, Vivian. It’s Valentine’s Day once again, and I feel that, in the spirit of the holiday, you guys should get to have a bit of fun. Lord knows that many of you won’t be spending it with a woman, but you should still be able to have a bit of fun, which is why I will go ahead and spoil you a little. Just don’t get used to it. After all, it is Fuck No February – and this is only a holiday treat.

Compulsive Wankers Be Careful What You Wish For

This assignment is going to allow you to cum. But don’t get your peckers out just yet, gents, because this is still an assignment. While it is tempting for me to just tell you to jerk yourself to completion and then go off and have some tea, I still feel that you should have a goal to attain. So I don’t want you to just cum one time. I want you to cum three times for me…in one hour.

Yes, I want you to think of me and jerk yourselves to completion three separate times in an hour. If you can’t, then you will have to start all over again. Let’s call it an exercise in cock control.

Mistress Knows You Can Crank Them Out

I know some of you little fellas can get off in under ten minutes, so you should have no problem completing this task. If it helps, replay some of my previous audio assignments on loop to keep you going or call me up for the right kind of motivation.

But any way you do it, you need to have three separate orgasms by your own hand in one hour, even if you have to use your own man juice as lube for the last one. This is in lieu of a box of chocolates, by the way. I figure you’ll prefer it that way. The orgasms alone would be sweet enough, but the amount of them will make the last one akin to finding the one plain old chocolate piece in the box instead of a good piece.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone, and I hope your wrists can hold out!

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