Kama Sutra Sex Positions

I’ve written about how the Kama Sutra is a book about sexuality in general, not just a book of sex positions. Oh my, though  the section on sex positions is really…ummm…comprehensive. There are easy ones but the more advanced ones will take some work on your part. I like to use all the positions with both the Bulls in my stable and my harem slaves so if you expect to be in either, you’ve got some preparation to do.

Some Acrobatic Positions

Some of these positions take an acrobat to get into! Take for instance one of my favorite positions for using my strap-on on a harem slave’s ass – the Sexual Seesaw. My “would be bitch” needs to lie on their back, lift their legs up and back until they are by his ears. It leaves them so open for their anal invasion! And I can get so deep with my cock, they think it’s going to come out their throats! It’s also great because if they cum, I can direct it right into their open mouth!


Yes, I will stretch out that tight little hole but you also need to stretch your body so I can get you into that position without breaking you. Start with stretching your back. Kneel on the floor with your butt on the soles of your feet. Lean forward so your torso is on the tops of your thighs and stretch your arms out in front of you. If you have a partner – maybe another of my harem slaves – they can press on your back. Hold this for a ten count, then sit back up and repeat 5 times. The longer you do this, the farther your arms will reach out from your body. To loosen up your hips, abs and thighs just lie on your back with your hips bent and your feet flat on the floor. Rest your arms on the floor. Lift your pelvis up off the floor and hold it there for a ten count, then return to the floor. Again, repeat 5 times. You’ll know you’ve mastered this stretch when you’re making a nice arch and the only thing touching the floor are your feet, shoulders and head. For your inner thighs, lower back, arms and abs, sit on the floor against a wall with your legs spread as wide as you can. Get pressed against the wall and have your back straight. If you had a partner, this would be easy because you need to grab onto something and lean as far back as you can. Since you likely don’t, you could always use two suction cup based dildo’s attached to the wall! Before long you’ll be ready to feel my cock deep inside of you!

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