Hello, all my good little strokers out there. It’s Vivian, your mature phone sex Mistress, and I have a little something for you. What is it, you ask? Well, I have an assignment for you to stroke your little somethings for me.

Steady As She Goes Slut!

Now, while you may be tempted to blow your load and be on your way, I don’t want that. I want you to make a little show of it. I want you to do it as if your mature Mistress were watching you do it. Think of how I’d want you to properly masturbate. Let the mental image of me be more than just an inspiration for your naughty activities. Let me speak and engage you in guided masturbation in the way that only I can.

Why Just Jerk-Off? When You Can Make It An Event?

You can be naked for this, or you can dress in whatever attire you feel is sexy. Make an event of it. Go ahead and bring over a mirror so you can see yourself playing with your shaft. Pretend that I am behind it, watching from behind the two way glass. And do not forget to work those balls for me! After all, the balls are such a sensitive area; they are a cause of great jubilation if played with right, or terrible despair if handled improperly. Either one will work fine for me.

What about the Happy Ending?

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Vivian –

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