You all know how much I like my sexy high heels. I also have quite a love for leather boots as well. I have so many pairs – knee-high boots, thigh-high boots, stiletto heels and  platform boots– and they all need to be properly cared for. It’s such a submissive act, you naked at my feet worshipping my boots and giving them a proper spit shine with your lips, mouth and tongue – hoping you might be able to lick and kiss something else!

Leather Boots

You’ll need to get a pair of boots to practice on.  Knee high boots are probably best, especially if they’re a bit stiff – like your hard cock! This is so they don’t flop over. Strip and get down on your knees. The first thing you should do is just run your face along them. Inhale that deep scent of leather – I know how much that turns you on. Then, you would ask me for permission to worship my boots. Begin worshipping by kissing the toe of each boot and expressing how much you are honored by being allowed to serve me in this way. Kiss all over the toe and arch and all the way back to the heel. Now you can lift them up and start kissing and licking the sole. When you get back to the stiletto heel just  pick the boot up and start sucking that heel, just like a little cock! Show me what a boot slut you can really be. One of my favorite games is to have you turn around and slide that slick, wet heel deep inside your ass! You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Spit and polish

Alas, I’m not there with you and you are just practicing…so put the boot back down and start licking and kissing your way up the calf. Don’t go past the top. Nothing makes me more cross than feeling your tongue on the bare skin of my sexy tanned legs when I haven’t given you permission! So make sure that tongue stays on the leather. When you have made every inch of that boot shiny with your spit then you can go to work on the other one. When you’re done it’s time to buff them to a nice shine. If I was there, I’d slip a special gag on you and attach my special brush to it. You’ll just have to imagine what that would be like. And, if you’ve done a really good job? I  might just let you stroke and shoot your cum all over them…and then lick up every last drop!

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