If You Want to Cum...

What would You Do to Cum?

There you are my sweet little subbie! I’ve been looking all over for you! Haven’t been stroking without my permission, have you? Good! You deserve a treat! How would you like an explosive orgasm, right here, right now? Like I have to ask…I can see that teeny cock getting hard!


Here’s the Deal

It’s been…what? A week since I last let you cum? I’ll let you, but only if you do something for me first. Put this cute little french maid outfit on, and these heels, oh don’t forget the fishnets and garter belt. No panties, I want that tiny cock free and easily accessible. Don’t fuss, you look great! You’re to be my sissy cuckold today, if you want to cum.

You make a Pretty Sissy Cuck!


Greet Our Guest

Go answer the door and show him in to the bedroom and don’t forget to curtsy like the little sissy maid you are. You want to cum right? Say a proper hello to our guest Raul. He’s going to be providing me with my own much needed release that you, well…you can’t do and providing you with the chance to stroke that itty bitty penis, while you watch what a real man can do to me.


Always a Catch

SPH is One of My Favorite Things to Do!

Don’t be in such a snit! You know you simply can’t satisfy me and Raul here, can. I want you to watch how he can make me cum like you never could. While I get a large 8 inch cock, you get to stroke that diminutive weenie all you want, but no cumming until after you’ve watched him empty his load in me and you have your cuckie creampie. Oh and one more thing…. If you cum before I give you the okay, I’ll have you back in that chastity device you hate so much. For 8 weeks. Understood?

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