• Domination Assignment

We are going to play with sensation in this post. Sensation, and your nipples. You’ll need two ice cubes and some nipple clamps. If you don’t have those, clothespins will work in a “pinch”. I want you to get yourself naked, and comfortable, kneeling before your computer. I want you gazing upon my picture the whole time you are completing your assignment. You can look at my picture here or go to my main site, where you’ll be able to find all of my pictures. I want you to know who you’re doing this for, and I want you to know I’ll be watching.

Nipple torment

Now, if you were here in my playroom, I’d lick and suck on those nipples to get them all hard and aroused before I moved on to the next step. Since I’m not there, the ice will do very well for that. Rub those ice cubes all over your nipples, while repeating “My body belongs to my exotic Indian Goddess, Mistress Sonali.” Keep rubbing them until those ice cubes are completely melted. That should get your nipples nice and hard, so it’ll be easy to snap those clamps on. Now you can start stroking your cock slowly,
while repeating “I stroke for Mistress Sonali.” I want you to slowly build up speed and bring yourself to the edge of cumming and then stop. Your nipples were probably numb when you started from the ice, but those clamps should be giving you some delicious torment. I want you to keep stroking and edging until you can’t take the torment in your nipples. Stroke faster for me slut, and just as you get to that point of no return, reach up with your free hand and quickly take off first one clamp, then the other. I’ll bet the exquisite agony of all that blood flowing back into your nipples will give you one of the best orgasms you’ve ever had! And once you’ve spurted all that thick, creamy white goo, make sure you lick it all up for me.

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