Submitting to a dominant mistress such as myself is not always an easy thing for a man such as yourself to do.

You don’t always understand the implications, even as simple as they are. You see, when a man submits to me, I expect full and total compliance to my commands, wishes and needs. I expect you to fully understand me and bend to my will.

This requires some effort on your part. To understand me, you must research me, read my blogs, listen to my shows and be an apt pupil to all things Ivy. It is only then, when you complete this research that we can begin to test your obedience and dedication. I will test you and I will accept nothing less than total obedience and dedication to me. In every task you undertake your reward will be my pleasure and my satisfaction.

And should you fail to please me you will have to accept the consequences.

I may have you bare your ass and use my paddle. I do love the sound of my paddle slapping against bare skin. Or I may use my whip or riding crop, but your lesson will be learned and you will come to realize that failing Mistress Ivy is not an option.

Together, with me you will grow into the perfect submissive and you will worship me, your Goddess, in every waking moment.

I alone will recognize this change and I alone will know when you have crossed the line from wanting to be dominated to true accpetance of your role. And then the real fun starts.

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