Some male dominants like to claim that men being dominant and women being submissive is the “natural order” of things, or some other pile of nonsense.  But I’m sure that you boys will agree with me that that idea is completely ridiculous.

Now, I’m not some kind of female supremacist who would say that all women are (or should be) dominant over all men.  I believe too much in individuality and freedom of expression for that.  But I am a naturally dominant woman, and I seem to attract many naturally submissive men.  And that’s the natural order of things for me!

I love to be in control, and I love having submissive men in my life.  I also love being able to use my sensual domination techniques on these submissive men.  They certainly don’t seem to mind, either!

I’ve got so many different ways to control my darling little submissive boys.  One of the ones I really enjoy is erotic humiliation.  I don’t believe in degradation, but I do love that sort of erotic embarrassment that makes your cock extremely hard.  Mild humiliation is my forte, telling men to humiliate themselves in ways that other people would never notice–having them wear a pair of lacy panties and a matching bra underneath their clothes when they go to work.  It’s doubtful anyone else would notice these things, but the sub in question will be acutely aware of it all day long.

Another way I like to exert my control over men is through strap on play.  It’s amazing how submissive a man can be while he’s up on all fours with my big dildo inside him.  I’m not sure what it is about being penetrated that makes a man melt into a puddle of submissiveness at my feet, but I sure do like it.

Of course, there are many other ways for me to dominate you besides humiliation and strap on play, but those are some of the ones I really enjoy.  You’d be amazed at the various techniques I have of keeping boys like you under my control.  Are you ready?

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