One thing that you hear both Mistresses and slaves speak of quite often is service. Sometimes, I think that we all use the word so much that we’ve forgotten its meaning. Or, at least, we’ve infused the word with the meaning we want it to have, rather than sticking to its actual definition.

The most basic meaning of the word “service” is an action that is performed with helpful intent. This action could be anything–cleaning your Femdom phone sex Mistress’ house, washing her car, running her errands, and, yes, even serving in sexual ways. No, I don’t mean that you and I would be intimate in any way, of course not; but I would be lying if I told you that D/s scenes don’t turn me on. It’s that aspect of control and having a man like you underneath my control that truly excites me.

Because sex and sexuality are such major biological functions for humans, I think that men often focus on the sexual parts of service to the exclusion of the other parts. Mind you, I am not suggesting that sexuality be overlooked completely. Even when a man is locked in male chastity and denied, there is still a sexual component to it. I do, however, think that rather than focusing solely on sexual acts or BDSM scenes, we should remember to pay attention to other aspects of service as well.

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