You harbor a desire that wells inside of you like an unquenchable thirst.  You try to ignore it, go about your day living the façade but it sneaks into your consciousness demanding attention.  Your body aches and your mind spins… you crave subjugation and desperately long to lose control to a beautiful woman. Not just any beautiful woman but a woman that understands the dynamics of dominance and submission.  She is artful as she dissects you, learning the secret hidden key that renders you helpless so that she can gain control.  She is intelligent, calculating and an experienced seductress.  Carefully she studies you and then begins invoking her power. You soon become her puppet and she has total control over everything you do.

Why do you give it to her? Because no other woman excites you as much as she does. She not only understands every sexual button you have but she leaves you wanting more. She inspires you to expand and you become addicted to her special passionate brew. She intoxicates you and you are motivated to please her.

Thus begins the journey of no return. You might become overwhelmed as thoughts of her consume you. You might pull back and attempt to deny the fact that you are owned, that she really does control you and that you really have no choice.  But you’re only fooling yourself. You can run but you cannot hide from the essence that lures you back into her world over and over again. Days, even months pass and then one day, without warning you feel a tension in your neck as it crawls down your spine, wrapping itself around your manhood, tugging and reminding you that nothing else compares. My goal is to own your desire. My fantasy is control every single aspect of your life.

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