My poor little supplicant, you are in for a rough time today, aren’t you? You may not know it yet but you are going to suffer the wrath of  Mistress Alexandria today. I’m going to whip you into perfect submissive shape.

Now here’s how this is going to work. I don’t want to hear you whining and begging to cum. I definitely won’t allow that. Oh, I know some moans and groans are going to escape your lips but beyond that, I don’t want to hear it.

The first thing I’m going to do is strap you down. I have a St. Andrew’s cross that hasn’t been used in a while and I feel like tying your naked body to it. You are like a blank canvas in front of me and I am the painter, deciding what tools to use to create my work of art.

And by tools, I don’t just mean my paddle.

Understand that when I dominate, I like to use my mind as much as my other implements.  And I can see you are already shaking up there, your bonds feeling a bit tight.

Let the games begin.

One of my favorite things to do when a man is in bondage is be gentle. It’s completely disarming to be tied up and snuggled by your Mistress at the same time. It throws you off balance and that’s just the way I like it; a perfect setting for some tease and denial games.

I like teasing you with my body, showing off every curve as I walk around and contemplate my first actions. I love how your eyes follow me.  You are already mine and I haven’t even done a thing.  I’ve ensnared and enslaved you already little pet, just by walking around.

This is the power of domination.  Now let’s get you into that wonderful subspace.

So what shall it be? Pick your poison. Do you want to be mentally “Mind Fucked” until you are telling me you will do anything? Do you  want me to tease and deny you for hours on end until you break my rule and beg for me to let you cum? Perhaps I will inflict a little cock and ball tortmentation just to see you wince from the pain. How about I lock you up in a Kali ring first.  Then I’ll use the single tail scorpion bull whip to pierce your flesh. The sound it makes as it strikes your flesh is very appealing to your Mistress.

The possibilities really are endless, aren’t they my darling pet?  Let me weave and craft a phone sex domination session for you that takes you to your pinnacle of domination perversion.

Painfully Yours,


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