Well, hello stroker slut! Nice to see you back at Domination Boot Camp! This is a time of year for indulging, right? People are drinking special holiday drinks and eating special holiday foods. They are buying themselves special gizmos and gadgets and just having fun! Well guess what? That is precisely what you are going to do! Only, with a twist.

I want you to set aside a couple of hours when you will be alone. Get out your favorite masturbation fodder, whatever that is (porn, panties, moi) and begin masturbating. I want you to get really close to coming as often as you can, but do not go over that edge. Set your kitchen timer for however many hours you have available to just stroke it. And then, I want you to do that very thing.

Get out your lube, if you use lube, and really go to town on your cock. Stroke it really good and get close to an edge over and over and over again. But do not, I repeat, do not go over the edge. The whole purpose of this exercise is to just revel in the pleasure that your cock provides, without actually cumming. Got it?

Just stroke and stroke away. If you get any pre-cum, I want you to put your pre-cum all over your face and lips. Eat it. Be as slutty with yourself as possible. If you are into ass play, bust out your dildo or favorite toy and lube that baby up and shove in your tight little hole. Then I want you to…

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