When you think about being dominated, what do you think? Do you think of a screaming, cruel Mistress? But why? Let me give you another option to consider.

Empress Christine

Imagine me, close, so very close, not yelling, but whispering in your ear. I’d have to be close enough to touch you, close enough that my warm breath would tickle your ear. Now, what  would that do to you, do you think? In my experience, there isn’t much a guy won’t do for me in such a position.


And what is it that I am whispering? That depends on the clues you give me. If I sense that you have fantasies of me humiliating you, then I will. And then I will watch as you naturally begin to crave the degradation. I listen to your every reaction and counter with more and more, until you become obsessed with my style of sensual humiliation.


I might decide that there is something decidedly feminine about you. And that fuels my desire for feminization play. So those whispers might include how erotic shaving your body could be and how wonderful silk stockings and lace lingerie will feel against your skin when I dress you.

Guided Masturbation

Or maybe I’ll just whisper teasing, soft commands into your ear. Commands of how I want you to stroke for me. And as I watch you squirm in anticipation, waiting for me to tell you to stroke faster or slide the palm of your hand over the very tip of your penis, a little giggle drifts right into your ear. you would like that, wouldn’t you?

So, why don’t you come closer, and see what I decide to whisper in your ear….

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