You’ve searched through countless websites. You are watching free porn all over the internet. What is it that you are watching? I know…every single one of them are fantasies about sucking dick. You read numerous erotic blogs that pertain to coerced cock sucking. But for you…something is missing. You are not the panty wearing sissy type, you are not a tiny dick bandit. There is really nothing about you that would scream COCK SUCKING FAGGOT…not on the outside anyway. But, as an experienced mistress—I can read the thoughts on the inside. And you want to know something?

What you look like, how you act—really doesn’t matter when it comes to the control I have over you. I may not be runway model tall with “Zena warrior princess” strength. But…being petite means I’m more…concentrated. You should only take one of me in a 24 hour period, my side effects are strong! I’ll find ways to get into your head and bend you to my will.

You see…you may be tall, dark and handsome. You may be mr. pretty boy. You may be your momma’s shining star. But to me, you are still a cock sucking faggot. Go ahead and fight it—you can try…and try as you might, you WILL fail.

You will do anything and everything to please me in any way, shape or form. Then again, you would fight vigorously to maintain your ‘macho man’ status. Today…I’m going to take that away. I will be revoking your ‘macho man’ card and giving you a cock sucking faggot card.

You WILL get on your knees today, in front of my mistress friends and I…and you will open your mouth as a bull of a dick comes thrusting into your mouth. We’ll bind you, handcuff you and shackle you if we have to…to ensure that you know your place.

As your head is held against the ground, and the giant shaft is pushed into the back of your throat. You will look up at me…with your pathetic begging eyes ask me to stop. Wondering—how could this happen to a guy like me?

The answer is simple…because you always were, and always will be a cock sucking faggot.

Go ahead and pretend you don’t like it. You are in for a looong night and you will learn how to suck cock. HAHA, In fact–you will get your blow job techniques down pat. You will become an experienced cock sucker. Because I will have the dicks keep rolling in for you to suck until you are eager for it…and begging for it like a little dog.

You may be asking why a girl like me would want to coerce a strong guy like you into sucking cock…it’s simple…because I like It. I want it…I fucking love it. There is no greater pleasure I get than seeing a ‘macho man’ on his knees enjoying his scrumptious treat.

So, as my girlfriends and I surround you, ready to bind your hands and shackle your legs with a terrified expression on your face…get ready for the throat fucking of a lifetime…and get ready to crave it.

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