The flipside of domination is submission; each is necessary for the other to exist at all.

Without submission, without the submissive kneeling in front of me, my dominance matters not one little whit. I can be just as much of a mean mistress, just as much of a femdom bitch as I want, but if there’s no-one submitting to it, begging for mercy or moaning from sensory overload, then all that dominant female energy is wasted.

 Most people are a mix of both dominant and submissive traits.

When you’re at work, you’re in charge of yourself, your environment, everything that goes on around you. You’re the man, large and in charge, taking names and the buck stops with you. You’re dominant at work and everyone knows it. But when you go home and change into something a little more comfortable, or strip to your skin for your Mistress’s pleasure, you’re not so dominant anymore. You let the part of yourself that is submissive come out to play, and allow the dominant part to take a rest.

Just as no man is an island, no Mistress is alone.

What emerges between a dominant Mistress and a submissive slave is a type of relationship that defies simple categorization. It’s not easy to explain it or describe it; it’s chemistry and intimacy, two people working together to go to a state and a place of mind that is not easy to reach. It’s a partnership of unequals by definition, and what happens in that relationship is fragile and changeable. Because all people are a mixture of both dominant and submissive traits, finding the correct personality to merge with yours can take a literal lifetime. Or, it could just take one act of bravery.

You’re looking for a dominant Mistress to submit to.

When you find her, you’ll submit. And that submission is one of the bravest things you could ever do in your life. You admit that there is this need in you, that you have an urge towards weakness and vulnerability. You walk up to a woman and tell her that you want to be small and treasured in her eyes. That is the most courageous thing in the world. And it will lead you to the greatest reward in the world. There is no intimacy without vulnerability, there is no relationship without trust, and there is no dominance without submission.
Be brave. Come complete my dominance with your submission, and let’s see if we can make something precious together.

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