Today my sissy slave…I have a rather sadistic approach to your servitude. This will go beyond today…this will go for as long as I command. You will ALWAYS be in cruel slave punishment mode.

You will be REQUIRED to wear your punishment attire at ALL times. It is a thick and heavy black lace pencil dress, with long sleeves and puffy shoulders. It wraps tightly around you making it somewhat difficult to walk. There is a zipper in the back for easy access for me, your mistress—and anyone else I LOAN you out to.

Next you will wear a full wrap around black, pvc sissy apron. It will be like wearing 2 dresses. You will have elbow high pvc gloves to wear—I don’t want your sissy hands all over MY things or anyone else’s things. Your hands will be shackled to your work station and adorned with two bells that make a slight jingle as you move about. You see I do NOT want you speaking with me—you are so low and pathetic that you don’t DESERVE to speak to me…unless commanded to do so. However, I want to know when your are coming upon me…and that is why you jingle…I can tell if you are fighting to get away, if you are coming or you are going…and I can always find where you are.

You will wear knee high ballet boots that will only allow you to stand for a short period of time then force you to the ground when you will have to walk similar to a walrus…your dress is tight, your boots are high…and you are shackled to your work area.

Whether I stick you down in the hot muggy humid laundry room to do laundry for everyone at the mansion or I have you outside working in the 85% humidity that is inside the green house…you will stay there. You see you are 100% submissive to me. You have no rights, no freedoms. You are used and abused at my discretion…

There may be times I lock you in the cellar and you will be required to be used in a more sexual manner by any of my guests—or anyone that walks by and uses you.

And let’s not forget that You will also have a remote controlled bedazzled shock collar with a 25 yard range…where ever I am at…and where ever you are—if I think it’s time to give you a little ZAP…I will do just that.

You are required to WORK AND EARN your spot in my mansion. You work hard, long grueling hours in hopes that your bitch bowl will be filled with food and not just water. You slave away daily hoping to not be kicked out in hot cruel environment. You sweat and ache, to earn your spot inside the oversized dog cage—which is where you are kept. The dog cage is padlocked and contains a small rug on the inside of it…for comfort (LOL)

You will be pulled around on a leash…and you will be given tasks and assignments to complete. You are my slave…and I do with you as I please. You are in a lifelong punishment of servitude—cruel and sadistic servitude…with me…Mistress Ivy.

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