Mistress Delia has always been known as The Pain Mistress: www.thepainmistress.com. I have a specific style to how I play. I especially like CBT, Sensory Deprivation, and Impact play ever so much! Now when we speak, I can’t be there, but we can have a very hardcore fantasy. However, I want you to be all educated for me!

I like to start with a sexy hand spanking, the flesh will increase blood circulation to the area, increase the endorphin effect and increase the level of impact that can be endured by you.  Want a hot tip for making your buttocks unable to clench? Have your toes point inward.  It’s impossible to clench if done correctly, and I can help you with that!

Areas I LOVE play with: Location, location, location.
Face slapping for my subs is a hot topic to discuss! I love this type of power, and would love to do a fantasy around this! For more common impact play, I can focus on your buttocks, upper back on either side of the spine, thighs, and lower shoulders. I will work these areas into a hot and sexy fantasy.

Do you prefer a thud or a sting sensation?
Thud-A palm of the hand or thick heavy paddle can provide deep, resonating, penetrative yet dull, deep tissue stimulation. In general, it is harder to leave long-lasting marks with thud props, although when you do, the bruises may last longer since they’re deeper.

Sting-A light wooden paddle, wooden spoon, and a hairbrush can provide more shallow stimulation, a sharp biting.

Different hand shapes
When spanking with a bare or leather-gloved hand, know that cupping the hand tends to create more thud while holding it flat with fingers spread creates more sting.

I like to find a nice, steady rhythm and may have you count to make it more sexy and interactive.  Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to hear my spanking playlist! I can’t wait to flog, spank, and have fun impact play with you! Oh, and I do like to be safe, so I will INSIST on a safeword!

Do you think you can take on The Pain Mistress? I dare you!

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