There is an art to domination. Well, there’s an art to submission, too. Really, if you live your life just right there’s an art to everything and in everything that you do. The key to living your life artfully, to being submissive artfully, to dominating with art, is conscious present attention to the current ever changing moment.

When I have a willing sissy cocksucker kneeling before me, mouth willing and able to serve any cock I present her with, if I’m not present in the moment with her, I’m both missing out on something amazing and failing to practice my art. It is an art form, taking some trembling submissive from a place of uncertainty and nervous fear to surety, calm and acceptance of their place. It takes patience, compassion and joy, all very vital parts of my art.

For domination and submission to even exist, much less make that rare transformation into true art, there must be both a dominant and a submissive. You’d think this was common sense, but a lot of people miss it. Somehow they think that phone sex  is something you do alone in the privacy of your own home. Yes, and then again, no… especially domination phone sex; it does not exist in a vacuum.

Just as you need the dominant Mistress on the phone with you, building your fantasies and leading you deeper and deeper into your submission, the Mistress needs you too! If we’re creating art together, making an experience, both present together in the moment, then the Mistress, ~I~, need you. Without you all my attempts to create art are fruitless. My art exists in the moment you feel most completely owned, most utterly humiliated, most deeply submissive. That is my art. You, kneeling.