It’s been a hard day at work again. All day long you’ve been putting out fires, keeping everyone on track and listening to your Boss complain about his Boss. Its been another 10 hours of staying 2 steps ahead of everyone else, and the stress is about to kill you. The only thing keeping you from locking your office door and banging your head on the desk is knowing what is waiting for you at home.

Your Mistress.

Elegant, beautiful and in-charge, she’s the reason you work so hard. She’s the reason you watch the clock, willing it to hurry up so you can slip into the Men’s Room and prepare yourself as she wishes. What would your underlings think, if they knew that when you ripped off your tie, it wasn’t going into your suit pocket, but around your never ending stiffy? Who knows what a devient little man you are?

Your Mistress

With the ends of your silk tie tickling at the back of your knees, you rush out of the office and almost run to the parking lot. Trying with all you’ve got- not to adjust your junk and give it a quick rub, you feel your dick twitch when the voice you love, announces the time. What voice?

Your Mistress

Hands shaking, you hit 1 on the speed dial and hope she is there to take your call. Hoping she isn’t being amused by another stroker slut, and make the drive home unbearable, if you couldn’t get permission to rub your meat. Your voice sounds too high when the lovely dispatcher asks which Lady you want to converse with- and you squeek out her name with a whispered please.

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