Yeah, yeah, yeah…. I know… you’re ‘Mr. Big Shot’.  Head Manager of your entire corporate division. Hundreds of people answer to you on a daily basis. You’re referred to as ‘sir’ when you walk down the hallways.  People rally for your approval on even the slightest of details. The mere act of being called to your office instills fear into grown men. In short, when you walk through those high-rise doors, ‘you the Man’.

But it’s quite a different situation when you walk through the doors to your own home, isn’t it? Things take a 180* turn in the exact opposite direction. Instead of making others tremble at their knees, you know you’d better drop to yours. You leave your attitude and your manhood at the door, and instead submit yourself to someone more powerful than you know you could ever be. Someone, who, with one look, can both make your cock rock hard and make your balls retreat up into your pelvis.   Someone, who, without laying one finger on you, can make you feel as though you were just punched in the stomach. Someone who’s words you cling to with every fiber of your being… who’s approval you ache and long for; to serve them, pleasure them and obey them.  Someone who can make you cry out from the deepest parts of your soul in both pleasure and pain.  Someone who knows you, inside and out, your deepest, darkest secrets, and has no qualms about using them to their own advantage and pleasure. And, my pet, that ‘someone’ is Me.

~ Ms Heather ~