Callers, who are interested in the BDSM Lifestyle, often ask me what happens at the kinky parties we attend. Obviously it’s fun – or we wouldn’t be going, but there are many different styles of gatherings to choose from. My favorite is the By Invitation Only Dark Party.

In the circles we run in, a Dark Party is generally held in a private house. Very few private BDSM clubs allow any kind of penetration in their facilities, so for the truly down and dirty – these events aren’t open to the public. Cozy comes to mind. Would you like to hear more?

Gregarious by nature, I truly enjoy the mingling before the Kinky fun begins. Catching up with friends, meeting new additions to the group and lots of good eats is what one would expect in the first few hours of a play party. But even the socializing would be to the inexperienced, an erotic treat.

With a houseful of scantily clad submissives and Tops kitted out in full leathers, the eye-candy is worth the trip. Watching new arrivals slip off the required “for public view” coats can be better than a night at a Titty Bar!

It isn’t often these days that a Hostess has maids running about taking care of guests, but this is the kind of event where the word pan-sexual has real meaning, and every legal proclivity is encouraged. Cross-dressers and Sissy Gurls wallow in their femininity and pull out all the stops to impress with their dress, and have the best opportunities to be themselves with like-minded people.

Not to worry pet… I’d find you darling – I have very good radar. I would always notice a tasty boy who keeps staring, but flicks his eyes down, when he catches my eye. I’d watch as you circle around on the outskirts of the party, wanting to join in, but too unsure to take that first step. But it’s a Dark Party, and I’m also on the hunt – for a fun playmate for the evening. There are always so many cute boys to choose from.

Could it be you?

You might have a chance tonight if you get over that shyness and come kneel by my side, waiting quietly till you are noticed. Perhaps you will be asked to do a small Service, fetching a drink or delivering a note to the Hostess, just to see how you perform. Being sure footed, swift and polite could gain you a place at my feet – or even – more.

I might enjoy laying you naked across my lap while I chat with Friends and watch the action starting to heat up all around us. With your face flat on a pillow; you can only imagine what’s going on as I slowly warm your bottom with my hands. Conversation begins to wane when I switch to a light paddle and start to speed up my swats. Feeling your dick throbbing on my thigh, I add a bit of coerce and burst out laughing, when someone asks if you are enjoying yourself.

What happens next?

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