Hmmm, I see you found your way to a place of domination. Obviously you are
looking to get into some trouble! Trouble is always good. Especially for me.
It’s almost like you’ve been lured into a trap and now there is no way out.

NOW, I get to tease and torment you. Again and again.

What is MY form of domination? I have determined that MY specialty for
domination is TOTAL DOMINATION.

It is can be a mixture of both sensual and sexy domination to very sadistic
and bitchy domination. That’s the way it is.

BUT, the thing you should be wary of is that I dominate more than just your
pathetic cock.

I Fuck with your mind and everything you do. I dominate you in full. I find
a place in your little mind and spread out. Every naughty fantasy, every
secret fetish I will find out and use it to my full advantage to lure you
into the deepest form of submission you will ever be a part of.

I take up your mind, your thoughts, your time, your cock. It’s like I’m a
girlfriend that just moved in and took over. Although, I’m the KINKY
girlfriend that just moved in and DOMINATED every part of you. I wouldn’t consider myself your
girlfriend, but definitely your MISTRESS

Total Domination begins with owning your cock. You know it belongs to me
anyway, YOU are just borrowing it. ~teehee~ So it won’t take long for me to
control your cock. Once I have you by the balls (quite literally) I will
start seeping into your mind. Once I’m in there, I am NOT leaving. And there
is no way to get me out.

Could you handle total domination by a young mistress? Age ain’t nothing but
a number boy. So go ahead, I DARE YOU! 😉

~*~Empress Ivy~*~


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