Not every dominatrix uses pain. Though pain has its place for many, I prefer
to use sensual teasing. No wonder my main blog is found at  You see, I tell
you exactly how to play with that cock. My sweet voice combines with your
willing spirit and we both go on a journey together.

It’s a journey to the core of fantasy. Are you ready to be led to new

It’s important to me that we both enjoy this fantasy. That what we share is
mutually beneficial. This isn’t to say that you won’t be dominated. It’s a
natural domination. Imagine yourself wrapped around my finger. I will
require you to stretch yourself. You will need to let go and embrace
challenges. Sure, some of our fantasies will be your old favorites – but as
our relationship blossoms, so will your kink and your desire to serve me, in
any capacity.

And along the way, there will be moments of pain. Some inflicted by me and
some just as you realize what deep fantasies you have been hiding from the
world. Whether tangible or emotional, I find the best kind of pain is that
which has a reason.

If you are interested in “sub space” but don’t react well to strict
domination, I highly encourage you to contact me. Email me at

Listen then call Empress Holly at 800-601-6975

Sensual Domination with Mistress Holly