Wow, recruit!

You’re back for more here at Domination Bootcamp with Mistress Delia, the Pain Mistress! Today we will be exploring the wonderful world of impact play! These are the things you will need to fetch for me:

•     Ruler
•     hard bookmark
•     a wooden spoon
•     a ping pong paddle
•     even a fly swatter
•     Anything that has a good “smack”

Let’s discuss impact play. It can be done anywhere on the body, and is not constrained just to a simple spanking. It can be done on really any muscle groups.

Here’s what we will do.
You are going to stand up and sound off and count off for me. With every implement, you will give me 10 swats on parts of your body you would not necessarily think of: biceps, calves, thighs, feet, even your face, but that would be me slapping it, so you will only be focusing on biceps, then calves, then thighs, then the soles of your feet.

Here is how it will go. I am instructing you to perform impact play, one of my favorite things on yourself. If you’re not too afraid, get ready recruit! Take the items you fetched and lay them out in front of you. You will perform 10 slaps on each muscle group in this order:


Mmmmm I can hear the smacking already! Now you had best remember that you have two of each muscle group. I know you would not dare cheat recruit, would you? I did not think so! Now that you are done one series completely, pick up the next implement and repeat the series. Continue with each implement you were able to fetch! When you are done, you may visit my blog: where you can leave me a comment about your experience with impact play.
When you are ready for a real impact play session with Mistress Delia, do call 800-601-6975!