Do you think you have what it takes? Can you be all that you can be for this Pain Mistress? Or rather, can you be all that I want you to be? I have many tasks you’ll need to complete to finish MY basic training.
My recruits have to come in with the right attitude. I will control you, either through my actions, my instructions, or just through eye contact. Just like any good drill instructor, I will break you down and take away your will until you are willing to do anything for me. You will give up control to me, and this first task will show me if you have anything near what it takes to be among the few who are allowed to proudly serve me.
I want you to go out and buy a bag of clothespins. You can tell the clerk you’re buying them to hang up your clothes. They’ll believe you, but we both know why you’re really buying them, won’t we? When you get back home, you’re going to attach those clothespins to your ballsack. I want it to look like a Christmas ornament, with the clothespins sticking out all over it. Top recruits will find the space to use the entire bag! Sit with them – carefully now – for the next 5 minutes.
Here’s the really fun part- for me at least! – I want you to start taking them off. One at a time. The Empress will be very pleased to know that as each one comes off, it will cause even more pain than when they went on. Pain you are causing for me – because you want to join the ranks of My submissive slave recruits.
If you really want to be a top recruit, and at the head of your class, I want you to give me a call and we’ll have some erotic, sexy fun with those clothespins.

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