Mirror Mirror On The Floor Part 1
Are You The Biggest Slut Of All?

He was primed and ready for a Mature Fem Dom Trainer. What else could he be after he was teased for 400 miles up the Interstate? Everything was planned and in place with assigned stops along the way, to maximize the thrill of what would be – the best road trip experience of his life.

With an armful of Tranny magazines in a plain paper bag, he checked into his hotel suite, prepared himself and the room as ordered – then called. Deep moaning was all he could manage, when I greeted him with a question that reminded him of what he is.

Slut – I inquired, is everything at the ready? I knew it would be, but I was enjoying his panting and confusion. Poor darling all those miles must be mottling his head, or could it be his cock is swelling with all his available blood and he’s lightheaded?

A quick rap to the balls got his attention and he excitingly told me he found something in his room, that I’d for sure LOVE. A Mirror! I thought it could be a perfect prop and it only took a moment to decide what to do with this perfect find.

A NEW Game!
Mirror Mirror On The Floor.

I directed him to put the mirror on the floor and use it for adding a thick coating of lipstick over his whore mouth. He gushed his thanks when I told him to – Rub-Rub-Rub – while he thought about who noticed his bright red lips while tooling down the highway.

Moans – that’s all it takes to get my pink parts tingling and my imagination spinning. Stroking slow and hard, my wana-be cum slut’s meat drippings splashed steady on the mirror. Told to pick it up and lick it clean, I cautioned him not to mess up his cosmetics and still make it sparkle.

More moans! This was getting better and better. Done Mistress, thank you he whispered, not knowing what was next. Commanded to – Look at your reflection – straight in the eyes and confess, tell us both- exactly what you are, and what you crave to be made into.

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