You’ll need a few things if you crave the domination I provide tonight, recruit. No balking, no arguing, you’ll do it and you’ll like it. You’ll have a large buttplug with a suction base ready, some olive oil and dried ginger from the spice section of the grocery. I also expect you to have the basics… a paint stirrer or something to paddle your ass with, clothespins or clamps for your nipples and nuts and some shoestring to tie up that pathetic penis.

Combine the olive oil and ginger powder into a thick paste and coat your buttplug with it. Sit down on it and ride. You’ll feel the slow burn inside you… not as intense as a freshly cut finger, but a burn nonetheless. Now tie your cock and balls up so the flesh is bulging and head of your cock’s staring at you angrily, lol. Attach clamps to your nipples and as many clothepins to your balls as possible. Now coat your cock with what’s left over of the ginger lube. Stroke and ride for 5 minutes … then pause to pull off your anal intruder and spank your ass twenty times before climbing back on for another go.

Cycle through riding, stroking and spanking until you are aching. When the clamps get too much, take them off… but leave them on as long as you can through your punishment. Real domination bootcamp recruits manage to suffer beautifully for their Mistress. That’s your goal. When you can absolutely take no more, click the link below for your final

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