If you think that I’m this innocent looking girl, you are soooo wrong my
dear. Yes I am young (23 to be exact), but if you think age determines
experience you have another thing coming to you.

I may be young, but I’m intelligent, and yes I am dominating. Something some
of you wimpy boys can’t even begin to grasp your pathetic little minds
around. All you see is a kinky, co-ed…and all you wanna do is score.

Well, be prepared. Although, I’m not sure anything can prepare you to be
dominated by someone of my stature.

There are a few things that I DEMAND when coming to me for attention. You
WILL be have…You WILL be polite…you WILL be obedient…you know belong to
me…and if you ever step away from any of my rules there will be serious
consequences for your actions.

You should feel honored and privileged to be graced with my intellect, my
beauty, my presence…and my attention.

If you are given a task I highly suggest you finish it. First and foremost,
all of my new pet trainees will go straight into chastity. Do you know what
that is dear? That means that I am going to lock your cock up. Break you
down and build you back up.

You are required to be in chastity if you wish to serve me. Sexually
frustrated pets are always the most obedient. Allowing you to play whenever
you want… and allowing you to cum at you will, would cause you to be lazy,
disobedient and rude; which is unacceptable.

I can be a very sensual Goddess…however, piss me off and you might as well
pull your pretty pink panties down and bend over a chair because you are
about to receive a good spanking….or more…

Are you ready to go through my training? Or are you too much of a pussy to
handle it? I look forward to hearing from you my pet!

~*~Empress Ivy~*~

For an erotic phone  session with Empress Ivy, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $ per minute with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card