Hello fucktards. New holiday…Thanksgiving. This humiliation game is dumb ass goes shopping for a juicy pumpkin. This assignment is callled “pumpkin pumping” . Get the picture? I want to see some major carving pumpkin creativity. This is challenging. An oblong pumpkin is the perfect shape. Carve the top of the pumpkin about the girth of your dick…probably about one inch for you…heh . Do it. The inside of a pumpkin as you know is so slimy and seedy which is a nice fuck, so this assignment will be nice because since you are such a loser, you probably never get laid do you? Now it’s time to put on your camcorder, that is, if the loser has one..everyone has one. Are you such a loser that you dont? Just say have a camcorder for this assignment. If you are so lame that you dont, hook up your webcam and call me for a session so I can see the loser asswipe fucking the Thanksgiving pumpkin. This is totally doable. Im thinking since you dont have a life or a relationship, you can do it.
What’s next? do you get to cum in the pumpkin. Do you think you deserve it? Maybe. I want a show on cam or camcorder. Impress me , dumb ass. If I think you are worthy, I may let you cum.

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