Since the seasons are changing and it’s getting colder, I thought why not torture all you sweet little submissives with a bit of ice. I’m quite fond of the half moon pieces myself, they fit so well into such interesting places. There are a few things you’ll need. A dildo that you’ve left in the freezer for a few hours, some lube that’s been refrigerated, a bowl full of ice and a length of string. Now you don’t want to go too quickly with this… the intensity might be too much for some. When you’re ready to play, gather all your things and get comfortable. I’ll give you comfort since you’ll be freezing your ass off almost literally, lol.

Now tie your cock and balls in a figure eight pattern and make sure you separate your balls as well. Lubricate your icy dildo and your ass as well, then slide it in very slowly. If it’s possible, sit down on it to hold it into place. Alternately, a butt plug would work as well, maybe better depending on your preferences. When you’re upright, take a piece of ice and trace it down the length of your cock. Fuck your ass slowly for five minutes after each piece of ice melts. Stroke your cock to the edge, then freeze it out again with another piece of ice. Do this over and over until you can’t take it anymore… or your ice bowl is empty. Click the link below to see if you can cum for me.

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