She stood out, even with all the bells and noise of the slot machines, the brunette sandwiched between two attractive blondes, at the end of the bar. The trio had their heads in a huddle, laughing in bursts of running glissandos, and they were clearly flirting with the young man behind the bar.

There were shot lined up in 2 rows, other guys at the bar had been sending drinks all night. The blondes had been knocking them back pretty steady, but the dark haired older one, made a conga line of full shot glasses, but continued to sip only coffee. When she glance down the line of people waiting to be served, her eyes stopped and locked with mine.

What made you break eye contact and look down at your shoes, when raised her eyebrow and smiled? She knew you were staring and studying her companions. What did you hear that made you look back over at them?

A burst of laugher, is what pulled you back from the fantasy running around in your scotch soaked brain. The sexy trio’s heads in a huddle of silky hair, bobbing and nodding in unison -right before they turned to wink at him, before huddling back up again.

Maybe it is just your over active imagination, the casino bar was dark and smoky, easy enough to misconstrue a momentary glance. Looking for anything to focus your attention on, before you are taken for a pervert, the bartender puts a shot and matchbook in front of you.

Cocking his head towards the other end of the bar where the women were gathering their slot chits and purses and shouted over the awful live band – Miss Vivian sends her regards. Heart sinking, you still smile warmly and salute with your glass and watch with amazement when she glides in your direction and slips in next to you, and takes a slim cigarette out and points at the matchbook.

Now you notice, a few words written neatly in cursive and lean closer to the candle, hoping she doesn’t notice the hot red blush running up your neck. One too many scotches must have addled you, because as you start to decipher the message, you hear a voice in your head say.

Click & Listen To The Message

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