This assignment requires some toys purchased at an adult store. This is butt plug training. You will purchase a package of three butt plugs, from small to large. You will purchase lubricant for the plugs, you will then purchase a very large dildo, thicker and longer than the plugs. You will start with the smallest plug , wearing it all day for five days. The medium plug for five days, the large plug for seven whole days, adding an hour to each day until you have reached 12 hours. Each day during training you will end the day with a stroking session of one hour, teasing and denying yourself. You will not cum. This will be your reward after the 17 day program. You will have a condom for the last day.
On the 18th day, you will use the dildo while I watch you on cam. The butt plugs will be lined up in back of you like sculptures. I will tease and deny you for around an hour. If you have viagra, I will make you take it 20 minutes before the call. During the tease session you will demonstrate to me how well you take that cock. I will humiliate you as you beg for release. At this point the viagra has kicked in making your cock stiff and longing to cum. On the 55th minute, I will order you to put the condom on, cum in it, and then finally eat all of the contents as I watch.

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