You men think you rule the world don’t you? You play these high powered corporate games of warfare with each other just to prove who has the biggest pair of balls. But after all is said and done, even you don’t come close to having the biggest pair. See women like me who are in the fast-paced, high-powered business world are far exceeding boys like you and we are doing it without the gratitous displays of testosterone. I can bring you to your knees without so much as lifting a finger or even making anyone else the wiser about what it is I’m doing to you. I command you with my presence, with just a look. And instinctively, you know who the head bitch in charge really is.

I like to get you where you think you are safe, hiding behind your oversized desk in your corner office pretending to be king ding a ling. I come in and lock the door behind me, leaving just myself between you and the only exit. You are completely speechless as you watch me stride at you purposefully, moving around the back of your desk and pushing your chair away from your desk. “On your knees now”, I command and you act without even blinking. I order you to place your hands together to give my foot a boost up as I push myself up onto your desk, place my hands on either side of me and cross my legs as I glare down at you. *Giggle* “Look at the big powerful executive down on his knees. He’s not so powerful now, is he?”

You manage to mutter out a “No, Mistress”, and I laugh. Get naked for me wimp, I’ve got plans for you. You immediately strip down to complete bare ass and kneel before me, now begging to worship me. I bend over further and look right at you and let you know that it’s going to be far more humiliating than you just kneeling before me kissing my feet boy. Oh yes, today your life will be transformed forever. I step down and circle back to the front of the desk and pick up the satchel you didn’t notice before, and I withdraw a big 9 inch strap-on cock. Your eyes grow wide and fearful. I grin from ear to ear as I strap my harness on and order you to bend over. It’s time now to learn who is really in charge!

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