You’re looking for “domination” are you?  Have you thought about what that means?  When I “dominate” you it’s WAY more than merely the mechanics of pain or the techniques of pleasure.  It is, primarily mental.   I write about this often on My blog:

So, let’s talk about the mental experience …. You feel Me begin to define the parameters of your world …. You begin to feel yourself contained …. Restrained … redefined …. How far you are willing and able to go with Me depends on you and, I do so like to push limits.  Kneel down right at your desk while you finish reading this.

Domination is about de-constructing the “self” you show the world and beginning to reveal other sides of yourself, exploring the side of you that you don’t show the world.

Bend over, ass in the air, chin on the floor in front of you…..reach up with your hands and cup your balls and lightly SQUEEZE…..put your fingers flush against you base of your ball sack and then PULL OUT …. Pull straight out.

Kneel again and finishing reading this.

NO.  Don’t read to the end.  Do as I say.  Then rise to a kneeling position and finish reading this.

Now….crawl to Me…come closer – yearning for a touch, a look, a closer view …. Come closer …. My hand cups your chin and pulls you towards My sheer lacy covering ….. I’m holding your head in position, your body trembling.   I want to hear you beg … beg to SEE, beg to TOUCH, beg to be chosen by Me.  Tell Me where do you want to belong? Here?   Hmmmmmm….. let Me consider what I will allow.

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