It takes a certain kind of slave to be a cuckold.  Cuckolding is not a quick fix for you to get your rocks off.  You will do as you are told and serve me well.  I have certain requirements for a cuckold.  Let me give you a hint at what it takes to please me.  My first cuckolding experience turned into forced bi.  I made an ex of mine suck his best friend’s cock.  So yeah start practicing your oral skills because you will need them.

Today’s lesson in the cuckold fetish will cover 3 areas.

  1. What I do in my personal life when I have a personal cuckold in my life as a Dominatrix.
  2. What I do to a cuckold during a phone session.  Let’s face it because there are many things I do on the phone training you that I might or might not do in real life.  The same can apply to you.
  3. Last but not least I share some important secrets to a successful cuckold relationship.

What I require of a real life cuckold slave.

I am a mental and emotional Dominatrix before I do anything else.  I only cuckold a submissive male that I am attracted to.  He has to be a masochist through and through.  I require coerce d bi, getting me ready, domestic duties, cross dressing (all of my cuckolds are turned into sissies), chastity training, totally obedient, well groomed (will not take any slave that has nasty hygiene), humiliation, strap on training, and loves corporal punishment.  I love to tie up and whip my slaves.

I have never cuckolded a stranger.   I know each of my slaves for many years and have a friendship with every last one of them.  So you unworthy fuckers who are reading this think you have what it takes to please me as a cuckold can keep on dreaming.  You will never meet me.  If I wanted to meet slaves face to face then I would open up a dungeon.  Now wouldn’t I?

What it takes to please me as my cuckold during a phone session.

To be totally subservient to my desires and wishes.  You must be willing to get me ready and clean up after.  I do not require cross dressing and/or coerce d bi for phone domination slaves.  The reason being is that you want my expertise as a Mistress to please you.  Your call gives me the variety of life that puts my creativity to good use.

Secret to a successful cuckold relationship.

Trust, love, respect, and compassion are essential to any cuckold relationship.  A lot of guys are given the misconsception that it is a one way street.  I have seen cuckold relationships last for decades or fail in the first few months.  A mistreated slave will leave their Mistress.  It might not happen today but it will happen.  There is a difference between mistreatment during training and total disrespect in one’s personal life.

I love all of my personal slaves.  I abuse, use, and totally torture them but I still adore them.  I pay attention to their desires and limits as a subbie.  As the dominant partner it is my duty to take that total control.

How far do I take my role as a Mistress during a session?

During our role play session I expect you to be the best fucking subbie you can.  I do not have to raise my voice to train you.  I have the power of seduction and my wit to get you what I want you to do.