Being a pain slut via telephone is easier than one can imagine. Though household items are used often, I prefer the use of toys purchased such as butt plugs in various sizes, uretheral sounds, piercing needles, a variety of dildos, nipple clamps, and cock and ball torture implements. I especially like the Humbler and a parachute harness.
Various household things can be used such as ice cubes, a belt, a shoelace, clothespins, and rubber bands. All of these things can be used along with the purchased toys to give a pain slut maximum treatment via telephone.
After the organization of the toys, the pain slut will call his Mistress for a session. She will start with nipple torture and maybe an ice cube up the ass with a medium sized butt plug to follow. The pain slut should lie down for sounds, the small one to the large one on Mistresses order. Sometimes Mistress likes to heat up the sound with a moxibustion stick, sometimes she likes to cool it down with an ice pack. Some pain sluts request and love needle play. A cock can be put on a wooden table with needles inserted on both sides. Often a slut will like needles straight in the balls. The balls can be tortured with a parachute harness adding weights by demand. If a slut has rubber bands, that works well with confining and torturing the balls, and dont forget a plain white paraffin candle for wax play, a good way to wax the hair off of a pain slut’s body.  All of this can be done on phone session.

Domination with Mistress Cassandra 800-601-6975