Silly man…you thought you were in control. You thought because you weild power in your job, you could weild power over a woman. Well, it seems you’ve been proven wrong, my pet. We both know who’s in charge. When you come home from work, it isn’t you in the intimidating suit–it’s me. You don’t wear anything at all but your chastity belt. Why? Because I say so. And that’s all the reason you need.

Just the way I don’t need any reason at all to put you through excruciating tests, except for my pleasure. For instance, I might kneel your naked ass down on the floor, tie your wrists to your ankles, gag you, and leave you on your knees, facing the wall for an ungodly amount of time. And when I return, if it fits my fancy, perhaps it won’t be to release you from your agony, but instead to lay down a bed of uncooked rice for you, and make you kneel on it for an hour more.

I don’t need a reason to humiliate you–make you walk around in just an apron and serve me and my girlfriends treats you spent all day slaving over, showing them how well I’ve trained you. Nor do I need a reason to keep you in a chastity belt for weeks on end, before I force you to milk yourself dry into a silver bowl for my viewing pleasure.

You may have the illusion of power in your day to day life, but when you’re in my clutches, you are powerless over my whims.

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