I am a naturally dominant woman. The men that beg to serve me walk through that door with the understanding that they will serve me at any capacity I see fit. Not only does this include my sexual pleasure but the deviant pleasures I have come to adore. Therefore if you want to be a speck of dust in my world you’ll need to learn how to seduce my dominance. I can be an aggressive playful kitten or a man eating lion. It’s all in how you approach me. If you’ve always dreamed of being with a sexy Goddess like me then pay close attention.

Never interrupt me. If you must ask me a question simply whisper, “Goddess may I speak?” If I say yes then you may. If I ignore you then you may not. Any time I acknowledge you or speak you must always show how grateful you are by saying, “Yes, Goddess Josephine, thank you Goddess Josephine.” Protocol is essential in my world.

You will comply with every order no matter what it is. If for some reason you can’t then you must beg to be punished. I am a very playful mistress that loves to laugh at your expense. I may order you to do something I know is impossible just to watch you beg, grovel and plead. Of course I expect you to at least try before begging to be punished. Then again your punishment very well may be another task I know you can’t complete. (laughing) I will give reward when I feel you’ve earned it, however you will be jumping through some serious hoops to win my attention. Click the banner below for your order. If you do not comply you must beg me to punish you.

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