You little bitches have been having it far too easy… and it makes me sick.

You can’t begin to imagine how lucky you are to be reading this on a website instead of really being on your knees in front of me right now. If you were here, I’d cut the clothes from your body… and then I’d beat the meaning of the words “female domination” into you with one of my favorite leather whips.

But no… you’re safe where you are… I can’t get my hands on your slave ass… but I can still order you to abuse yourself.

Go get three lengths of rope, a dozen clothes pins and a short wooden (or plastic) ruler… then come back here and continue reading.

Sit down and tie the first length of rope around your ankles… tie them tightly together.

Next, do the same thing with the second length of rope, but around your knees. Again, very tight.

Now push your hand between your legs and pull your cock and balls up. The ropes at your ankles and knees should be tight enough to keep your legs tightly closed, so your balls are pushed up, resting on your pressed together inner thighs.

Now take the last rope and loop it under your balls a few times, then tie it together tightly. Your balls should be pushed up and exposed very nicely now.

You have twelve clothes pins… I want them attached to your cock and balls. Five around each testicle… and two right under the head of your prick, in that soft, sensitive spot.

When you have them all on… stroke your cock slowly and carefully until you are fully erect, making sure not to knock any of the clothes pins off – stop and put any that do come off back on. Keep stroking like this for another three minutes. If for any reason your premature ejaculating ass feels like its about to cum, stop stroking.

After the three minutes are up (or if you feel like you’re going to cum) stop stroking and pick up the ruler. I want you to beat your cock and balls with the ruler until you’ve knocked every one of the clothes pins off.

HIT them off… no “flicking”… I want hard smacks.

Keep track of how many times you hit yourself with no clothes pin falling off.

Now… when all the clothes pins are gone, you are going to smack your bare balls with the ruler one time for each time you hit yourself without having a clothes pin get knocked away. I want a minimum of 5 hits, regardless… and they are to be directly on your balls, very hard.

When you’re done beating your balls for me… drop the ruler and jerk off as hard as you can… hard pound the shit out of yourself… when you feel like you’re close to orgasm, click the link below.

Domination with Domina Amanda 800-601-6975