On your knees, slave. Prepare to submit to a painful, humiliating denuding. I’ve grown tired of seeing that freaky, fuzzy bush around what little of a dick you have. Tonight changes all that. You’ll be as bare down there as you can be by the time I’m finished with you. It’s my desire that you kneel before me humble, exposed and vulnerable. This is the perfect way to assure your obedience.

Now for your instructions. I want you to gather a few things for me. I want you to get an ace bandage, some rope, some icy hot and a tweezer. Did you really think I’d let you simply shave or Nair it? You don’t know me so well then, do you boy? I want to maximize the memory of your pain and shame.

Now get on your knees, slather the icy hot all around your cock and balls. I want you to remove one hundred hairs from the root with the tweezer, then and only then will you be allowed to stroke yourself slowly ten times. Up and down, swirling the linament all over. Be careful not to get it in your pee hole, tee hee, hard to stop that burning! I know you’ll have to work very hard to get to the edge with only ten strokes between your manual defurring… but isn’t it a pleasure to serve a Mistress who’s so exacting in her demands. Think how those silky panties I put on you will feel on your dicklet once all the hair is gone. Keep plucking and stroking… When you are bare, click the link below for further instructions.

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