What happens to sissies who try to hide their secrets from Mistress Sarah?  I punish them in many ways.  My favorite ways of punishing a naughty sissy is by sissy petticoat punishment training, strict bondage sissy maid training, sissy chastity training, and public humiliation.  You take your pick.  A good old fashioned spanking does wonders as well.  So have you been a naughty sissy?  If you say no then you are a fucking liar.  All sissies are naughty.  It is in your nature.

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You wonder still if you are a sissy.  You feel confident that none of the women at the office know that you are wearing panties underneath your suit every day.  It is a good thing we do not work together then.  Oh and sissy guess what about that panty line.  All women notice the difference between a panty line and men’s underwear through your pants.  So I suppose you can take that confidence in hiding your sissy secret and throw it out the window.  I mean come on.  How dumb did you think us women are?  We are not fucking stupid.  Women notice things that men never would.  I also notice when a guy is checking out another guy.  Call it a sissy and fag radar.  You will not hide your sissy cock sucking secret from me.

So let us talk more about sissy peticoat punishment training.  Anyone who puts one of those things on can not hide the girliness of it.  This will make you feel more feminine.  Prancing around in your lacy peticoat and matching panties.  I love how the peticoat pops that skirt up when a sissy bends over to wait on me.  I can see those cute lacy panties underneath.  The look on any sissies face when going through this touches my sadistic heart.

Talk to you naughty sissies later.  I will be working on a sissy peticoat punishement audio and a continuation at what I do to naughty girls like you.