I did a guided masturbation call with my little panty boy stroker the other night.  I decided to change things up a bit and make him earn each stroke that I allowed with a tease and denial stroker game.  The little bitch did not know how to take it but he loved the idea.  He told me that he was wearing his pretty little pink panties with black lacy trim.  The game was very similar to the truth or dare stroking game I play with my other caller.  The big difference is that this panty stroker boy has no control.  I also picked whether it was truth or dare for him.  I took away all of his choices.  He is usually a quick cummer who loses his compusure not even 5 minutes into the call.  I took control of that and wanted no more accidents.  I am not nice enough to roll 2 dice.  I only use 1 dice in this game.  How mean of me.  Like I fucking care.

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He was very excited about our little game.  These are some of the questions I asked.

  • Were you fantaszing about me before you called?
  • So you imagined that I caught you in my panties so what did I do to you?
  • Were you wearing my panties and did you masturbate while wearing them?  (Of course he did!)

Part of the punishment that he confessed to me was that I made him wash all of my lingerie by hand, hang them up to dry, and made him iron them.  I then became more involved in his fantasy turning it into some role play.  I turned him into my personal sissy maid.

He then imagined I had all of my girl friends over to punish him.  He had to orally pleasure each one.

Through out the confessions I allowed some stroking according to the roll of the dice.  He did not see what I had coming for him next though.

Panty boy stroker tasted our boy friends cum when he had to orally pleasure us.  Then after that our boy friends walked in.  I started to play a game with him.  Some forced bi was on the way of course.  Panty boy cock sucker had to tell us who’s cum belonged to who.  He had to recognize the taste of our boy friend’s cum by eating us out then match it up by sucking all of these men’s cocks.  I made him do it until he got it right.

Then of course at the end of the session the panty boy stroker and cock sucker exploded in his panties.  I allowed it of course.  I do not tolerate orgasms without permission.