Being a Cock Tease Humiliation Femdom is not just an art but a personal life style.  I have an innate ability to make a man feel 3 inches high just by looking at him.  I love how some of these guys on the other end of the phone think they have just as much chance as some of the fuckers who approach me in real life.  Okay boy toy I will play along and give you some hope.  Then I will kick you in the fucking nuts as I laugh at you.  I do not give a shit if your cock is 2 inches or 10 inches.  A cock or a peanut dick is something for me to exploit and use to control you.  I am the Succubus who will suck you dry of all of your life and enjoy your sexual torture.  So let us play cock stroker.  Suffer, cry, and beg for me to earn your orgasm.  Tease and denial is not tease and delay you stupid bitch.  It means you wait until I say so.

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Now in case you do not know what a cock tease means.  Here is an excerpt from Encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Cock tease (sometimes cock-tease or cocktease) is derisive sexual slang used to describe a woman who, from the male perspective, acts in a sexual manner that seems to have the intention of seducing a man, but without actually fulfilling the expected sexual actions.

Also here is the meaning of humiliation from the same source.  I hope that by reading this will help you put the two together.  In order to serve me you must feel humiliation.  There is no compromise when it comes to this.

Humiliation (also called stultification) is the abasement of pride, which creates mortification or leads to a state of being humbled or reduced to lowliness or submission.

I do not put out for your pleasure.  You are doing everything for my pleasure and amusement.

Let me tell you about a slut of mine.  He is a pathetic stroker boy.  He will call me up begging for release but I never let him.  He is a major slut who calls numerous Mistresses.  Of course he knows that I know this.  He will do 2 girl calls at times.  I punish him by making him sit in the corner and hit himself in the nuts.  I do not want to hear any noise from him.  I just ignore him until I am ready to let him stroke.  This is his punishment.  I make him sit and be quiet like a pet.  He wants to be a good boy but he is not.  I was not very shocked to find out that Mistress Cassandra does the same thing to punish this pathetic fucker.

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