I encountered the dreaded writer’s block tonight for a short while.  So I googled ‘men caught in panties’ to see what I would come up with.  Sometimes a story or an article will inspire me to write.  I ran across an interesting story that I will share with you today.  The story is titled “Caught in panties” written by pantyperv.  I found the story on Literotica.  Even though I just read Chapter 2 I still found it intriguing.  It reminded me of so many of my callers with their little dicks and panty fetish.  You panty boys so love to get caught even though you are embarrassed.   It is so hilarious to see a guy with a tiny penis get a woody when I am laughing at his short comings.  Small penis humiliation and panty boy public embarrassment seem to go hand in hand perfectly.  Doesn’t it slut?  Panty boy strokers are sissies in the making in my book.  Just a little pink here, satin there, shave the genitals, ribbon on the sissy cock, and a pretty dress will bring out the sissy in you.  You already got a kink for the satin panties.  I will take you all the way with your sissification training slut.  It is okay to cry because you are a sissy.  I bet I could get you to do it.  For every orgasm you wish to earn you have to give me a little bit more.  That is it give me more like a good girl.  You want to fight it but you can’t.

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Back to the story that I read earlier.  The panty boy’s wife caught her husband in panties so she decided to take him to the lingerie store to go shopping.  She embarrasses the hell out of him.  The panty boy got a lot more than he bargained for.  I have caught men wearing panties before so I have seen close up and personal how easy they are to manipulate them.  Perhaps if you are all good little sissies I will tell you a bit about that later.

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