You’re doing it again.  You haven’t even been in chastity for that long and already you’re here, begging to be released because you think you’re going to die if you don’t cum.  Didn’t you enjoy being teased last night?  When we locked you into the CB-6000 and you heard that lock slide home, didn’t you just imagine what it used to be like when I’d like you slide home inside of me?

Wasn’t it fun to feel me straddling your hips after you were locked away and just rub my pussy against you?  I realize you couldn’t really feel how wet I was but I know you could see it … glistening pussy juice all over that hard plastic shell.  I know you got hard, I could see it in your face.  But there’s not much you can do once you’ve been locked away now, is there?  In fact, I can tell that cock of yours is practically ready to burst through that cage right now … which is why you’re here whining again.  You want to wrap your hands around that stick and stroke until you explode … giving in to that “instant gratification” all men seem to have.  But what about me, darling?  What about the promise you made to me that we could do this little experiment because you know how hot it makes me to see you struggling beneath me?

Oh … you thought it was just one night?  Darling … I may have some bad news for you …

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