I know your kind.  I know your little secret.  You pretend to be a powerful dominating business man.  You take charge.  You run your house, you run the office and you have everyone thinking that you are the take charge man.  Let’s be honest.  I know you are a quivering, pathetic excuse of a man.  I know your kind.  You make them think that you are running the show, but inside you are a worm and wish that you were tied up and ball gagged.  You want to be tied up and let me torture your cock and balls.  You would love it if I bent you over for one of your daily spankings, and had you push your cock and your nutt sack back so that they may be included in the spanking.  You know it drives me wild to see that red splotchy bottom of yours after we completed your punishment.  You are the kind who loves to take a rope or string and tie it around each of your balls individually cutting off all circulation.  You like to take clothes pins and pinch the edges of your balls til they ache so much they are numb.   I have you walk over to the kitchen table, laying your cock on the table.  You pick up a shoe and you start beating that cock, screaming “I am not worthy of my Mistress, I am a pathetic excuse of a man”.  You can’t help but submit to me.  You know when you have tortured your cock and balls enough, that your Mistress will be waiting on you.  I will be ready with  my leather harness and dildo on, ready to squeeze this fat dildo up your puckered little asshole.   Are you ready for me?  Lets see how much you can take.

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