What happens when a man fantasizes about being stripped down naked in front of a group of women who are clothed?  Well what happens when this man confesses his desire to a Lifestyle Cock Tease Femdom Humiliation Mistress?  This is Clothed Female Naked Male or CFNM for short.  I do not give him what he wants very easily.  I tell him about my experiences humiliating men in front of my friends.   Nothing like making a man confess his fantasies then make him beg for it.

Gratification that is instantly given too soon to a man who will learn what submitting to a Superior Woman will mean absolutely nothing.  I make all men earn my attention.  Your job is to please me.  It is not the other way around.

So slut boy you fantasize about being stripped down naked in front of my friends and I.  Well now put up or shut up bitch.  Strip naked now for us.  As you strip naked finally pulling down your boxers you reveal your cock.  It is so fucking tiny that I had to walk up to him and pinch it to make sure it really was a cock.  Well it looked like a fucking pimple between his legs.  I asked him if he got his pecker cut off for some reason and all they left him with was a stub.  He of course replied that was his original cock.  That is not a cock.

As my friends and I laughed hysterically at him I grabbed a pair of tweezers.  I ordered him to stroke his cock with the tweezers.  Well you use tweezers or two fingers to pop a zit.  He does have a zit cock.  It pinched his little pencil dick and hurt the wee little thing.  Oh boo hoo break my cold fucking heart.  We laughed even more then the little fucker creamed himself.

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