Your Cock Tease Femdom will find your weakness and make it my strength.  Just a little bit of tease and denial will make those naughty secrets spew from your lips.  You put a barrier up to try and protect what is hidden.  That dam holding everything back can no longer hold.  It breaks and your secrets are passed over to me.  You try to resist but lose in the process.  Fall to your knees with tears of joy and pain.  You are supposed to be a man but have these desires that hurt your male ego.  I will fucking break your male ego bitch.  Your weakness if your foot fetish.  It started off as guided masturbation but you could not stop obsessing.  You tried to hide it but failed fucker.  My perfect feet drive you crazy.   Look at them pet.  That is it suck on my toes.  Then I pull them away making you whimper for more.  Why does something so simple make you break?  Look at that high arch of my feet pet.  You wish that I would grab your cock with my feet and stroke you.  I want you to whimper and beg for it slut.  You get close to another orgasm but I deny you.

The denial goes on and on but you keep coming back for more.  Oh I think I will have to invite some of my friends over to see what a pathetic fucker you are.   The session turns into public humiliation.  You want to cry.  You can not stop your tears.  Are you embarrassed fucker?  Of course you are.  Now all of my friends and I know your fucking weakness.


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